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Latrans | Latin American Transport

We are a new company of the group “Andes Logistics” aimed at giving advise importers and exporters in the international transportation and logistics area; through a team with a vast experience in the business, focused on providing a high level of service and world class technological tools.

We deliver a “boutique” logistics service, showing different logistics solutions for the same requirement so that our customers can make the best decisions for their business based on traffic times, prices, types of transportation, equipment availability, origins and destinations

Air Transportation

Multiple air transportation options with different traffic times, frequencies and routes. Based on the needs of our customers; being able to transport by air from an envelope by express courier service to an industrial project in a complete charter.

Maritime Transportation

We offer different routes and services according to the price our customers are looking for. We offer Less Container Load (Less Container Load), Full Container Load (Full Container Load), Break Bulk (Break Bulk), Full Vessel Chartering (Charters) and a combined maritime/air service (Maritime/Air).

Ground Transportation

We provide international and domestic ground transportation for consolidated cargo (Less Truck Load), full truck load (Full Truck Load), as well as last mile local distribution service. These services are offered in “priority”, “standard” and “economy” versions (according to each customer’s requirements).

Maritime, Air and Ground Logistics Service

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